Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Weather Through the Eyes of Little Girls

No school today due to the freezing rain and snow that has moved through our area.  My girls, ages 4 and 6 are so content to watch Disney channel, sit near the fire and watch the snow coming down.  Wait, what is that on the deck? It's a dead bird.  Sophie wants to go get it.  "Put on your shoes, do you have something to put it in?" are my practical comments.  Out she goes in her pajamas and her boots, picks up the sweet bird and gingerly lays it in her box. "Gotta go show Daddy"  Daddy promises to take her down to the woods in a little while and they can put the bird in the leaves.

I am answering calls, emails and text messages about issues and work, Daddy gets called by his boss to come in for a little bit.  I remind him about the bird in the box in Sophie's closet.  Mommy scrambles around to get the girls dressed  - Ava wants to hold the bird, Sophie claims its hers.  Snow falling heavier, Daddy ready to get outside, but of course they need to bring special things for the birds resting spot . . a prettier box, some ribbon.  Ava cries about the bird "it's just a baby" she says. "Honey, it died because it was weak or sick" Why are they so sad about this little bird and I don't have much feeling about it, where is my compassion?

Out they go, so excited to walk down to the woods. They lay the bird in the leaves and snow by a tree.  Even though I watch from the living room, I know what they are saying "Bye bye birdie, we love you . . ."

Now they are playing in the snow, catching snowflakes on their tongue.  The world is a winter wonderland.

They come inside and I ask them about the bird. "Huh?" "Oh yes, it's down in the woods"

Treasure those little moments, they pass so quickly.


Miss Mustard Seed said...

What a sweet post. I have two toddlers, so we have yet to reach moments like those, but we have others. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you - I am amazed every day by their innocence and caring. They grow so fast.